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The world's most renowned Swiss watchmaker has unveiled the first wristwatch equipped with a Chinese traditional calendar. Rolex Submariner Replica’s latest masterpiece is a beautiful representation of the richness in technical and cultural diversity. The Villeret Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel, based on principles that are rooted in centuries-old Chinese tradition, offers a different perspective on time. It is ranked among the most beautiful creations of haute horology.

For the world premiere of this unique timepiece, Rolex Submariner Replica has chosen the famousChinaGardeninZurich, a gift from the city ofKunming. Marc A. Hayek, President & CEO of the brand, presented the latest horological marvel, an interesting reflection on the history of Rolex Submariner Replica China.Rolex Submariner Replica He noted that the timepiece was the culmination five years of research and design. The brand's top craftsmen took so much time to create a mechanism that displayed a number of complications, including irregular cycles in the Chinese calendar.

The Villeret Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel display a number of Chinese-based indicators at the same time as the regular hours, minutes, and Gregorian Calendar. The dial of this remarkable watch features a double-hour subdial at 12 o'clock, which indicates the 24-hour cycle. The sub-dial, located at 9 o'clock, also displays the Chinese calendar month (12-month cycle), the date (30-day period) and leap month.

The 3 o’clock position shows five elements and celestial branches (10-year cycles), while the aperture in the 12 o’clock position displays the zodiac signs of the current year (12-year cycles).Omega Replica Watches The moon phase indicator is located at 6 o'clock. This is the most important complication of all Rolex Submariner Replica complete calendar watches. It's also the one that links the lunar cycle to the traditional Chinese months.

The Traditional Chinese Calendar has some unique characteristics. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which uses solar days as the base units, the Chinese traditional calendar uses a lunar cycle as its base. A Chinese year that has 12 lunar months (354.36707) is about 11 days shorter than a tropical or solar calendar year (365.242374). The 13-month Chinese year is longer than the tropical one, due to the leap month in the Chinese calendar and the 30-day length of the months. The Chinese New Year is celebrated at different dates.